Our team assists athletes to reach their goals both on-and-off the field – through relevant training and game knowledge.

A core element of what we are trying to achieve in our academy programs, is not solely about development on the footy field – we also provide a holistic development and leadership program. This includes the ability to highlight to our athletes the importance of decision-making and life choices.

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The RM Academy’s Junior, Pro and Elite programs, endeavour to provide athletes with the skills and tools, which are designed to positively impact their future.

Athletes are presented with opportunities to learn, develop, improve, challenge, execute, and ultimately unleash their potential. 

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The RM Academy team focuses on creating new avenues for athlete exposure – and are motivated to produce an equal level platform for all athletes to have the chance to be recognised.

The RM Academy provides participants with a clear pathway and support system, to assist with achieving goals and creating opportunities.