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The RM Junior Academy is heavily focused around teaching the fundamental skills of Australian rules football. Athletes in this age group are required to learn, how to consistently execute critical football skills, required on-field. This program is loaded with exciting experiences and drills designed by our coaches and AFL Ambassadors. We will also introduce healthy eating (nutrition) strategies and some off-field tactics – to help build and encourage confidence and leadership.


The RM Junior Academy is heavily focused around teaching the fundamental skills of Australian rules football. Athletes in this age group are required to learn, how to consistently execute critical football skills, required on-field. This program is loaded with exciting experiences and drills designed by our coaches and AFL Ambassadors. We will also introduce healthy eating (nutrition) strategies and some off-field tactics – to help build and encourage confidence and leadership.


The RM Junior Academy is the beginning of our athletes’ journey to reaching the top. This is where we set the foundations for success, focusing on teaching the must-know fundamental areas of Australian rules football.

Athletes will participate in age-relevant and specific education, which focuses on the RM Academy subjects of:

High Performance

The RM Coaches educate athletes, while ensuring that they are still having fun playing this great game, as it is crucial to understand all aspects of football both on-and-off the field. The focus areas covered in the program; may ultimately have the biggest impact on their football development and lives.

Your journey is just beginning! 

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  1. Fundamental Skills

    Athletes learn the fundamental skills of the game, which includes:

    • Ball-handling.
    • Handballing.
    • Kicking.

    At Junior level, it is critical to develop a strong foundation and understand how to execute important skills of the game.

    It is also crucial to gain the knowledge of how to continually develop these skills, as athletes develop with age.

    Junior Level – Key Focus

    Repetition and grasping the simple elements of the game.

  2. Phases of the game

    Learning to read the game of Australian rules football and understand the ways, in which you can create an impact in any situation.
    The coaches will detail the three phases of the game, by identifying what the vital phases are; and how they impact the way we play football.

    Positional education

    As a modern-day footballer it is important to be flexible and learn multiple playing positions. The RM Junior Academy athletes are introduced to the on-field positions in Australian rules football throughout the program’s duration. This provides a basic understanding of what is required to play different roles on the field.

    Game Situation

    A variety of different games are designed for the athletes, which emphasises the education being taught in the RM Academy classroom and in the training sessions.

  3. The game of Australian rules football is a physical contest. Therefore; learning the proper techniques for some of the most common skills required, is of the highest importance for impact on a game. It is mainly to ensure the athlete’s ability to care for their wellbeing and that of others in a game situation.

    Junior Level - Key Focus:
    Stop and Pressure.
    • Tackling technique.
    • Body Positioning (Corralling).
    • 1 percenters – Shepherding (blocking/bumping), smothering, repeat efforts.
  4. The experience of the RM Academy Coaches and AFL RM Ambassadors, spans from junior development level, through to AFL. Based on their extensive knowledge and expertise, they have designed specific drills and techniques, to meet the needs of our RM Junior Academy athletes.

High Performance

  1. RM Warm up

    It is critical to allow RM Junior Academy athletes’ bodies to grow and develop naturally. The RM Coaches focus on methods, which emphasise the importance of ‘preparing to perform.’

    The RM Warm Up assists in the prevention of future injuries. As athletes mature with age, understanding the need to create a strong physical base to build upon is crucial.

  2. The Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL

    In January, we introduce the athletes to regulated physical combine testing, which is currently conducted at AFL and TAC Cup level.

    It is important to educate each athlete on the simple techniques of each physical test (testing metric); and give them an advantage on understanding the levels they need to reach.

    “I feel like I have a head start when it comes to testing. I am so well prepared and rehearsed, which is what recruiters look out for, thanks to the practice I have had at RM Academy combines and camps.”

    Callum Porter
    Current RM Elite Academy athlete (sixth year with the Academy); and
    Vice Captain for Gippsland Power FC (TAC Cup).

    RM Academy athletes have the additional opportunity to attend all RM combine testing events (public testing outside the RM Academy program), where they will be able to re-test throughout the year. Rookie Me is also the Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL; therefore, understanding the requirements and technique athletes require to obtain optimum results.

  3. A variety of recovery strategies are undertaken at the RM Junior Academy level, which include:

    • Stretching; and
    • Water-based recovery.

    *The team capitalise on regular opportunities, to educate athletes on the importance of recovery. Introducing a recovery-specific session midway through the program in each school holidays, which will aim to increase the sentiment, that a healthy mind/body may stem from a strong physical body.

  4. Healthy Options

    The RM Nutritionist, introduces the RM Junior Academy athletes to making the right nutritional choices in life. These are presented in picking the best (or better) food options available, in everyday life: from packing a lunchbox, eating out at cafes and restaurants, preparing snacks and creating good eating habits from a young age. This is done to provide knowledge to sustain long-term health.


  1. The team prioritises personal development and growth of self-worth, this is an important theme throughout the curriculum – providing the chance for every athlete in the Junior, Pro and Elite programs, to IGNITE their leadership qualities and impact the group.

    Learning to be a better leader can be difficult in some cases, it is about having an opportunity… to speak up and communicate, or the chance to answer a question, or work through a problem in a group. These scenarios help ignite leadership within athletes.

  2. Trademarking

    What are the trademarks of our team? As a group of dedicated Junior athletes we discuss the behaviors and actions that we all commit to work to as a part of the RM Team for season 2018.

    It is an opportunity to teach these young athletes the importance of working within a group and looking outside yourself to help others achieve.

    These behaviors and actions are displayed regularly throughout the camps and will be a strong part of the RM year.

  3. Goal Setting

    Goal setting is designed around the five key areas of the life of a footballer (environment).

    • On field.
    • Off field.
    • At home.
    • At school.
    • In the community.
    Youth Topics

    Throughout the RM Academy journey; each athlete is challenged, to step outside his or her comfort-zone – and listen to a range of guest speakers addressing issues, which young athletes may face, as they mature.

    Former RM Academy athletes re-visit our RM Junior Academy athletes, as guests to pay it forward, by sharing key knowledge and experiences they have learned from their own RM Academy journey. Guest speakers highlight the elements, which have helped them succeed in life (not exclusive to football).

    Examples of previous RM Academy athletes include:

    • TAC Cup Leaders;
    • VFL athletes;
    • AFL draft picks;
    • Victorian Police Officers; and
    • Special Olympic athletes.


  1. Each camp is held at the highest quality facility, with the program targeting the private school system, where the facilities rival the standards of some AFL club environments.

    Past venues include:

    • Penleigh and Essendon Grammar (PEGS), Keilor East.
    • Wesley College, Glen Waverley.
    • Geelong College, Geelong.
    • Assumption College, Kilmore.
  2. We expose the RM Junior Academy athletes to the elite environment of a VFL club.

    This provides insight into the professionalism of state-level football and the quality of facilities, venues and grounds available.

  3. Listening to a current AFL player’s personal journey is a great learning experience, for any young athlete. They have the chance to understand what these mentors were doing at the same age (as the RM Academy athletes) in order to reach their goals.

  4. The carnival event is an anticipated game experience, where athletes present their skills and knowledge learned over the RM Academy program’s duration.

    An external squad is invited to compete against our RM Junior Academy athletes in an authentic AFL environment, with umpires, official trainers and AFL guests (who assist), with this unique game-day experience.

  5. The RM Junior Academy athletes are invited to attend the official AFL National Draft Combine at Etihad Stadium (Melbourne).

    Athletes will have the opportunity to watch the year’s most gifted footballers in Australia; who will showcase their athletic ability and talent. Athletes will also have the opportunity to find out more about this event from a special guest speaker.

  6. Each athlete will have access to the RM Coaches, for advice and mentoring throughout the year. We are committed to impacting every athlete, both on-and-off the field with constant communication and footy chat through the online Rookie Me System.

  7. Each athlete will create a player profile, containing his or her comparable data on the Rookie Me online system.

    The system allows RM Academy athletes to understand what realistic levels and benchmarks they need to reach; as growing and developing athletes, by having the ability to compare against fellow athletes of the same age, position and gender.

    Compare yourself against current AFL stars like Pendles (Scott Pendlebury), Matty Kreuzer and recent No.1 Draft Pick, Andrew McGrath, whose stats are already on the system!


  1. An introduction to the RM Junior Academy program, which will explore fundamental skill acquisition, goal setting for the year and the RM Warm up so you're ready to perform. AFL Combine testing to see where each athlete is at.

  2. A focus on GAME SENSE drills and the 3 phases of the game. Also an introduction into the COMBAT SKILLS of AFL football, and High Performance recovery and nutrition. This event will be run out of a VFL venue giving the athletes a taste of an ELITE state level environment.

  3. Athletes will focus on positional education, which will enable young footballers to understand various positions on the field, and increase their ability, skill-set and knowledge. Also we delve into our Leadership program by looking into a Youth Topic where we expose the athletes to a guest speaker who has been in their shoes, and how they dealt with developing and expectations.

  4. Carnival focus:

    This event will be hosted at an AFL or VFL Club (subject to availability), where the athlete will receive a guided tour of a chosen club’s facilities and have the opportunity, to participate in carnival-style games with guest coaches.

*The above dates are subject to change based on access to facilities and/or weather.

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  1. All events fall within the VIC school holiday period during January, April, July and September.

    Please scroll down to the Schedule on the Program page to see exact dates.

    Please note: Due to circumstances out of our control, dates are subject to change. If this occurs, all registrants will be informed in a timely-manner.

  2. No, all of our events are aimed to be conducted during the school holiday period (on the weekdays), to ensure there is as little interference with schooling and other sporting commitments as possible.

  3. All athletes nationwide are able to become involved in our Academy – our camps are currently located in VIC. The Academy currently hosts athletes from all around Australia.

  4. Please refer to the RM Academy website ( or the Contact page if you have any further enquiries. During office hours, we also have a Live Chat option on the RM Academy website.

  5. Please contact the office via the Contact page to discuss further, as there may be an option for athletes to still be part of our Academy depending on specific age groups.

  6. Signing up for the RM Academy is a commitment. We endeavour to provide detailed schedules in advance, to ensure any scheduling conflicts are solved ASAP.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any refunds or compensation for missed events; however, some of the online course material will be made available for athletes – and RM Academy athletes also have the option to call our coaches for a chat.

  7. Rookie Me is the Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL; in saying this we focus on the individual requirements of the athletes in our program and strive to provide the best opportunities that are available for all.

  8. At this stage, we have one official academy in Victoria. This academy is open to athletes nationwide to register.

  9. These academies are open to all athletes of varied skill levels.

    We request athletes who register for our programs are passionate, coachable and willing to further their football, physical and personal development.

  10. The cost per athlete is quoted on the website (based on the available age-specific program) – this covers the registrant for the duration of the 2019 RM Academy.

  11. Locations are dependant on the course-type and availability of facilities. Past RM Academy programs have been held at AFL Club grounds, VFL Club grounds, local club grounds and at our partner schools. Athletes will be notified on the finalised locations in a timely-manner, before each event via the Rookie Me System.

    Please note: while we strive to ensure locations are secured from an early date, they are subject to change based on availability and ground conditions to facilitate the requirements of the program.

  12. Registering for the RM Academy entitles one Rookie Me System subscription for the duration of the program, per Academy athlete.

    Registration guide on the RM Academy site:

    For new members of the Rookie Me System, please complete registration at using the email address provided for the athlete on the RM Academy site.
    After successful registration to the Rookie Me System, an invitation will appear after logging in to the Rookie Me System for the first time.

    For existing members of the Rookie Me System, an invitation will appear on the Rookie Me System after logging in for the first time since registering for the RM Academy.
    If you are having any issues with the above, please hit the chat button below or email

  13. In order for each athlete to receive an individual Rookie Me System athlete profile – each athlete must have their own unique email address.

  14. Payment is to be made via the website checkout – we accept MasterCard and Visa. If direct deposit is required, please contact the office via the Contact page.

  15. Please ensure you enter your promo code at the final step in the checkout.

  16. Please continue to the final step in the checkout process, there is an option to change your payment structure. At this point you are able to select a payment plan as an option. Please note that payment plans are not available for single-camp purchases.

  17. Your Rookie Me subscription will be extended for the duration of the Academy to your original subscription; therefore, you will not lose your current subscription.

  18. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep track of any upcoming promotions. If you have three or more sign-ups/registrations per family, please Contact our office.

  19. Our site is secured by industry-standard SSL 256 bit encryption. This ensures that any information passed between your computer and our website is completely secure and can't be read by anyone else.

  20. Each Athlete will be placed into their relevant RM Academy Community on the Rookie Me System. As part of this exclusive RM Academy Community, the athlete will be able to view all upcoming event information.

    It is vital for athletes to stay up-to-date, by regularly logging on to their athlete profile on the Rookie Me System.

  21. Overall the program is designed to fulfil a whole year of learning in an intensive based structure.

    RM Junior Academy athletes experience approximately 55 hours

    These hours are dedicated to our face-to-face camps (over our ten-month holiday program).

    Program hours (not accounted for):
    Online programs and education via our exclusive Club Room education portal (on our site); and 24/7 access to our coaches to seek advice and be mentored throughout the whole RM Academy duration.

  22. The payment plan has been designed to assist with payment – it is made up of eight separate payments.

    The payment plan schedule is as such:
    1. A standard $100 management fee is added to the order. This is a fixed fee, which does not alter based on how many athletes are to be registered. 
    2. Any discounts (from promo codes or site-wide promos) are deducted from the total.
    3. A payment of 30% of the total is made when placing the order (first payment).
    4. Equal monthly payments of the balance until September, which are charged on the same day per month (or the next business day, if not possible). This day/date will be communicated upon checkout.

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