Our dedicated team pride themselves on creating positive environments; to help young people grow in confidence and have self-belief in their ability.

Our coaches’ experience, includes training athletes at all levels, such as; junior, Interleague, TAC Cup, VFL, and AFL.

Together our team is driving the most innovative and modern youth football academy, online training tool and athletic performance testing events nationwide.


  1. Adham Dimachki
    Adham Dimachki
    CEO and Founder
  2. Robbie Campbell
    Robbie Campbell
    Head of National Academy
  3. Darcy Waugh
    Darcy Waugh
    High Performance Coach
  4. Kris Pendlebury
    Kris Pendlebury
    Skills Coach
  5. Lachlan Gough
    Lachlan Gough
    Assistant Coach
  6. Nina McDowell
    Nina McDowell
    Medical and Wellbeing
  7. Adrian Bishop
    Adrian Bishop
    High Performance Assistant
  8. Elisa Ringeri
    Elisa Ringeri
    Camp/Event Coordinator
  9. Ben 'Dicko' Dixon
    Ben 'Dicko' Dixon
    Head of Sponsorship and Partnership - Former Hawthorn Player